Streetgrand is a blog focused on increasing our everyday productivity harnessing insights from well known and credible research.

We do not believe in motivating you to get the job done using traditional old-school videos; instead Streetgrand focuses more on bringing out the best and pragmatic steps you can take to enhance the quality of your life.

The founder of ‘Street Grand’ happens to be an engineer and believes in putting to test, theories and research instead of wordplay; we have come far past the stage of reading one-liners to pull up our socks and apply for the next job or trying our luck with the next relationship.

We are living in an age of technology, hypothesis and trial and error and same would be the key focus of this blog to enrich our readers with knowledge extracted from top brains of the words, mixed with analysis.

‘Street Grand’ would also focus on technology but not through the prism of reviews of gadgets but to tackle the subject through a broader lens to help our readers understand how technological developments can affect them and how the current century is bringing in latest solutions to their everyday woes.

Another key area is communication which will enable us to bring out the best pieces of advice regarding social psychology. We will cover topics to help you cement your relations with your family and associates.

When it comes to the Editor of this blog, books are the only constant companion and StreetGrand would bring in insights from books in a detailed manner. The reviews or summaries would look like summaries to enrich you for tapping your best potential.

The ambitious team of ‘Street Grand’ would also be reading quality books to give reviews for readers; these reviews would not be plagiarized to dupe our readers.

‘Street Grand’ believes its readers to be intelligent enough to distill fact from fiction and that intelligence would guide us to keep the bar high in terms of quality of content, freshness of ideas and utility of insights.