• June 1, 2023
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The top most challenge students face after graduation is job hunting. This becomes extra challenging when the students have no job experience. Many of the universities do make it mandatory for students to do internship. Even then some of the graduates are unable to get internship due to multiple reasons. In that scenario, it becomes very difficult for graduates to hunt jobs because of zero experience; however, there is a simple solution to this and it is called blog.

Pull up socks and set up a blog

You heard that right. You are a student graduating soon. You are worried about no job experrience. The economy is fragile and corporate giants look for canidates with experience. Even then, you have a chance to land a job. For this, the simple solution is to set up your own blog.

Setting up a blog would not cost you money. For instance you can set up your own blog on free platforms like:

  • Blogspot
  • WordPress
  • Weebly

You can search for other platforms as well besides the ones mentioned. Ensure that you don’t have to spend a dollar for setting up a blog on these forums.

Next Step: Post Content, Post Content, Post Content

Now that you have a free blog. Start posting content on this free blog. If you are a civil engineer, start posting your own commentary about different civil engineering projects around the world. You can watch documentaries like ‘Megastructures‘ and can simply comment on that documentary. For instance, you can highlight that the tallest building in the world has these features. You can share that how ‘Eiffel Tower‘ was built and how it is an engineering marvel. As a civil engineer you can compare two structures. You can do anything related to your degree.

If you are a business graduate, you can talk about the profiles of different leaders. For instance, you can comment on how Kristalina Georgieva is right fit for IMF. You can comment on how David Malpass’s history dictates about World Bank’s future.

If you are graduating in journalism, you can share your views on free blog. All you can do is to read different versions and come up with your own commentary. You can base your opinion on statistics which are readily available.

The Mindset with Free Blog

You should set up your blog with a mindset that you have to use it for job hunting. If you think about monetizing your blog, you might lose the purpose initially. You should imply the employer that you have the career progression in mind.

Most of the times students don’t find time to do internships. When these graduates appear for interview, the employer or the HR manager finds it difficult to hire them.

You have just to show your interest in the subject with your free blog. After having posted content on your blog, take the next step. Now you have to mention that blog in your resume.

The Interview Stage

Now that you have set up the blog and posted content, take the decisive step. You can apply for different openings and can land an interview. At this stage, you have to highlight this blogging stuff of yours. You can either mention it in your hobbies or in the experience.

If you are a journalism graduate, you can mention it in the experience section as well. This is because you have an experience of writing something. This does not matter whether it was in an organization or on your own.

Now when you are being interviewed, try to bring your blog up in the discussion. When you are asked about the experience or hobby, quote your blog.

This is where you can create a breakthrough. By revealing your blogging stuff, you are showing the interviewer that you are interested in the subject. Your free blog would tell the interviewer that you are not here to do ‘any’ job. In fact, it would tell the interviewer that you have an inherent interest in the subject and you know how to have an opinion about your own degree and subject.

The Free Blog Magic

Try to understand the mindset of the employer. The industry needs those minds which know the skill. Even if you have zero experience, your blog is telling a lot about your personality.

Your free blog is telling the employer that you have an interest in the filed. It is telling the employer that you might have issues finding internship but you strove hard. I would go to the extent that by revealing your vulnerability about not finding an internship and then telling that you set up a blog and you have a growth mindset, you can land a job.

The employers need the professionals who can go an extra mile. When they would compare you with other candidates, the ones with a free blog have better chance to secure employment. Try to look at things from the perspective of the opposite party.

If you are struggling to get a job, employers are struggling to get professionals on board. You just have to reveal that you are here for the job as you have an interest in this subject. Your free blog is a magic wand and can help you even when you have zero experience.

Apart from that, the designation of blogger looks cool. Isn’t it?

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