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Law of Attraction Meaning

The meaning of Law of Attraction is that we humans can attract anything towards us by simply using the power of imagination and visualization. It implies that we should imagine being successful if we want to be successful. We should imagine living a life of riches if we want to become rich. In essence, it means that positive or negative thoughts bring positive and negative results respectively.

This law states that everything in the universe has a vibrational frequency and our thoughts do have a frequency as well. The Law of Attraction implies that if the frequency of our thoughts matches with the frequency of our desired stuff, we can attract it. It is as simple as:

Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes.

Negative thoughts lead to negative outcomes.

We are told by success mentors about following the law of attraction but we all wonder whether this law of attraction is real or fake? Some claim that success comes to those who attract this, indirectly confirming the validity of this law; however, we need to see its validity through credible names.

Some gurus believe in the power of manifestation and even say: You attract what you fear. You must have watched Oprah Winfrey interview young Jim Carrey in which he admits visualizing things before actually getting them.

‘I wrote myself a cheque for $10M for acting services rendered,’ said Carrey and added that he gave himself 5 years or 3 years maybe to achieve that.

Moreover, what answers the question about whether the law of attraction is real or not is Steve Harvey’s admission of the fact that the book ‘The Secret’ impacted him. The book talks about law of attraction. The actor in his 60s confirmed that by opting the law of attraction you can attract health, happiness and wealth etc.

‘You attract what you are. You are positive, you draw positive. You are like a magnet,’ said Harvey and added: If you see it in your in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.

The formula given by Harvey while detailing the law of attraction is: Ask, believe, receive.

Oprah Winfrey On How to Manifest Anything

The famous US TV star Oprah said in a video she is a powerful manifester (verbatim) and added that she knows how to do it without physically putting it on a board.

“You have to meet the vibration; you can’t be above or below it. You have to put it on a vision board and then let it go and don’t think about it every other day,” said the celebrity who believes in the law of attraction.

Book on Law of Attraction

If you are curious to go deep into the topic, many law of attraction books are available; the most famous on the law is ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. The book deals extensively with how we can use the law of attraction to attract positivity.

Another very impactful law of attraction book is named ‘The Law of Attraction’ by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks. Originally published in 2006, the book also cites religious teachings to emphasize the concept.

Moreover, Michael Losier also wrote a book on the law and talked about how a powerful force is at work in your life and is attracting stuff towards you.

Manifestation Techniques

Having seen that the top celebrities rely on the law of attraction, let’s set the ball rolling and learn some manifestation techniques to attract the positivity we all want and we all deserve.

55×5 Manifesting Technique

The 5×55 technique is the new buzzword in the filed of personal development.

The technique is very simple. You need a million dollar, a loving partner, a caring child or a healthy life, simply write this down. Yes, write this down for 55 times and do this activity for 5 days straight.

For example you can write:
– I have totally recovered from the knee related ailment and now I feel great.
– I have cleared the toughest exam of my life and I am on top of the world.
– I have shed 34lbs and it is great to be in shape again.

You should simply write your wishes in this manifestation technique. Keep in mind that you have to write this in present tense as if you have already achieved your desired outcome. This method involved increasing the intensity of your desire, focusing your energies to write that down and supporting it with strong emotions of belief and imagination.

Vision Board

The vision board manifestation technique is cited by almost all the experts to attract positivity in your life. Take it as a visual representation of what good you want to attract in your life be it happiness, fame, financial independence or relationship. As Oprah already said, you can do it even without a physical board but that depends on you.


Journaling has been seen to be a powerful tool for success and for manifestation we can name it as intention journal. Simply note down the things you want to do in this journal and you will realize that this manifestation technique would work wonders.

If you are aspiring for weight loss, this manifestation technique magic can help you out without resorting to the boring diet plans and Keto intakes.

Using the 3-6-9 Manifestation Technique

Whether you are a real estate professional or an engineer or belong to any other profession, the 369 method is one of the most important manifestation techniques and some say Nikola Tesla also used this technique. In this method, you write your wish as an affirmation in your diary as under:

1- Choose a wish you want to manifest.

2- Write your wish 3 times in the morning.

3- Write your wish 6 times in the afternoon.

4- Write your wish 9 times in the night before going to bed.

Some say this should be repeated for 21 days while others insist doing it for 45 days so the duration can vary but keep in mind that you should use present tense as you are not wishing for it but actually thanking the nature for already having it or just receiving It. Also, you should feel this process and merely writing without fully being into it would not work.

For instance, your wish can be like this:

I am grateful to have paid all the student loan. I feel liberated and empowered at the same time. I am now living my life to the fullest.

Law of Attraction Meditation

You want financial abundance or long lasting relationships but you are not having them. Same happens with almost every other individual but the law of attraction manifestation technique can help you get out of your current state to move towards a better state.

Different experts outline different techniques for law of attraction meditation, however, it comes down to following these principles; one can tailor them according to the needs but it goes as:

  • Relaxing (One can choose the position of comfort based on own choice)
  • Focusing (Focusing on breathing can be helpful)
  • Saying and repeating a phrase (E.g.: I am open to positivity. I am good and good will happen to me)
  • Visualizing the dreams and desires (Picture what you want to attract in life)
  • Visualizing positive things in life and being grateful (Picture positivity that is already in your life)
  • Manifest (Reflect on the change in perspective)

Law of Attraction for Manifesting Money

The only difference in this is that you need to imagine holding cash. You need to imagine that you are already wealthy and have no worries about finances.

You can also visualize the texture of currency notes felt by your hands or the smell of notes. You can imagine sending your driver to the bank for getting a cheque worth $10M cleared.

Law of Attraction for Manifesting Love

We all want to feel love but are unsure of how and where to get it. The Law of Attraction manifestation technique can help for solving this problem as well.

For this to happen, imagine that you are the hot favourite at your home. Imagine everyone from your family sitting around you and taking care of yourself as a valued individual.

Reflect on what it is like to be admired by your favourite individual who can be a partner as well. Feel that you are being loved RIGHT NOW.

Meditation For Manifesting Health

The steps would remain the same with the difference that you would have to feel yourself healthy and happy. You can get up and visualize having a perfect start to the morning by taking a walk along the coast. Ignore the ailment that is crushing you and think that you are healthy RIGHT NOW.

Imagine that your body organ is being healed right at this moment and you are healthy. At an advanced level of imagination, you can imagine a light entering your body and taking away negative energy, ultimately healing you fully.

Law of Attraction Quotes

We are moved and shaken by one liners more than we are moved by essays. Let’s read some quotes on the Law of Attraction which can enrich you and help achieve that level of success needed and desired by you.

Every thought has a frequency. Thoughts send out a magnetic energy – Rhonda Byrne.

Every thought we think is creating our future – Louise L. Hay.

Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it – Jack Canfield.


Now that you have learned the meaning of the Law of Attraction, the manifestation techniques and the celebrities who have used it, it is the time to take action.

No one should make any doubt about the effectiveness of the Law of Attraction considering that it has worked wonders for many people.

Take a deep breath and now identify your goal or wish and opt any one of the techniques. My personal favourite is 5X55 method because it involves writing extensively for 55 times. When we write something for that many a times, we are tuned to it.

On the other hand, the 369 method involves writing your wishes for 15 times in total but it all depends on you; the point is to start believing in yourself and the nature of power to conspire in favour of you.

Let’s take control of our destiny through our thoughts and live a more happy and fulfilling life of joy and contentment.

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