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Procrastination is the killer of productivity. It means pending tasks for some other time in future instead of doing them right away. Some say it is different from laziness because being lazy means one doesn’t want to work.

There could be multiple reasons of procrastination but one of the most pivotal one is our wait for the perfect time. We don’t launch our next blog or kickstart our freelancing journey considering that the environment is not conducive. As a matter of fact, environment is never conducive.

Procrastination not only delays our tasks but indirectly delays our progress as well. In an age of social media, we are being more tilted towards procrastination and tips to overcome this need to be utilized and harnessed.

Overcome Procrastination With 2-Min Rule

I am against short remedies but some of the tips to beat procrastination are super handy . For example, this 2 minute rule is amazing when it comes to results.

David Allen popularized this 2 minute rule. Allen authored the book named ‘Getting things done’. According to the 2 minute rule:

  • If anything can be done in under 2 minutes, you should do it right away.

Think about what can be done in two minutes. You can complete these tasks easily in this time:

  • Making your bed after getting up
  • Washing the dishes after a meal (If you have to wash yours only)
  • Checking important e-mails (most of the e-mails are promotions and the important ones are too less)’
  • Taking a follow up on pending tasks via WhatsApp
  • Polishing your shoes at night
  • Write first line of your next blog article

This 2 minute rule would serve as a starter. Always keep this in mind that procrastination is killing us because we are unable to start a new task. If the task is started then it gets going. For example, if you are a writer, you would find it difficult to start; once you are into it, ideas would keep flowing.

So, use this 2-minute rule and get that garbage out of your home into the trash bag (after reading this article completely). This rule would also help us develop the habits. For example washing the dishes would seem difficult initially; however, with time, you would feel awkward not to clean the dishes after a meal.

This 2-minute rule can make us healthy as well. For instance, we find it difficult to eat fruits because we procrastinate. To overcome this, this 2 minute rule will tell us to have fruits because some of them take less than 2 minutes. Talk about banana, yes you can eat that in less than 2 minutes and have Vitamin C and fibre content.

Sadhguru on Procrastination

Renowned Indian author also gave his views on procrastination. When asked a question about why do we procrastinate, Sadhguru asked if people value their lives, they will not post-pone stuff.

‘I am asking Is your life precious? if it’s precious you must invest it in what truly matters to you. If you invested in what truly matters to you, you will always pre-pone, not post-pone,’ said Sadhguru as a tip to overcome procrastination.

Conclusion: Procrastination Is Killing Us

My final words on procrastination would be to look at this from this angle. Consider you have a bank accoutn with a fixed amount of money and you have to live with that amount. Another condition is that the amount would kep on depleting gradually with each passing day.

You are asked to utilize the money to generate more money or else the money would keep on depleting. What would be your reaction?

Your reaction would be to pull up the socks and toil hard to generate more income. Now think of this bank account as your life and the money as your time. Just changing the perspective would help you realize how to beat procrastination.

Here are few more quotes to push you to take the next decision RIGHT NOW:

  • Procrastination is like a credit card; it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.
  • A year from now, you wish you had started today.
  • Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Remember: We don’t kill time, time kills us.

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